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iGB Affiliate London Conference 2021

2021 iGB Affiliates London Conference

The iGB Affiliate London Conference will take place between 30th  of June and 3rd of July, in the world’s biggest business center, therefore turning the city of London into a melting pot of iGaming affiliates and experts from the industry.

Perhaps the biggest event in the affiliates world is about to take place in the world’s capital of business – London. As a result, over 5000 attendees (with 3000 being from the Affiliate world), 150 exhibitors and 50 expert speakers from 91 countries will participate in the event. Most importantly it presents the perfect opportunity to meet with affiliates, learn from the best in the business and experience the high-end world of affiliate iGaming.

Whether you are a start-up business or an already established brand, the IGB London Conference is ideal place to present yourself to the world’s leading iGaming affiliates.

For instance, it is one of those event no affiliate would want to miss, since you won’t get a much better chance of getting all the industry experts in one place at the same time.

With iGaming giants like bet365, William Hill or Kindred Group attendance, it is expected to gather certain attention from iGaming reps all across the world.

You will be apart of the most elite iGaming brands, as well all of the start-ups, therefore never knowing when you will forge an everlasting business partnership, or learn something new.

If you wish to represent your brand and be a part of the biggest affiliate iGaming stage in the world, you can do so by clicking on the following link bellow. In addition you can contact the organizers via the same link personally, if you have any further inquiries.

iGaming – London

Sponsor Exhibit

The organizers are open to interaction with members who cannot participate in person as well, so you can pre-register online on the iGB Affiliate London Conference official website link below.

iGaming — London


Subsequently, you will be informed by the IGB team as soon as the Registration goes live. In addition, you will be granted priority access latest event updates and news. Some of the perks included could be:

  • Speaker announcements
  • Industry news
  • Access to pre-show networking
  • Access to event schedule

About IGB Affiliate London Conference

The latest annual edition of the iGB Affiliate Conference will last for 4 days, starting on 30th of June and ending on the 3rd of July. You can check the detailed schedule just bellow:

30 June – Pre-registration and welcome drinks
1-2 July – Exhibition, Conference, Awards and Closing Party
3 July- Unwind Session

With crazy numbers such as over 5000 attendees (with 3000 being Affiliates), 150 exhibitors and 50 expert speakers from 91 countries, it is an unique experience for every iGaming affiliate who wishes to experience a career-changing event such as this one.

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