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2021 SiGMA Europe Conference – Malta

Best SiGMA Event Ever?

Link Data Media is thrilled to announce one of the biggest iGaming events in the world, the 2021 SiGMA Europe Conference, in Malta. Yet this is not one of the ‘usual’ annual SiGMA events. This time, the SiGMA Group decided to merge all 4 shows into one mega-conference. And in order to achieve this, SiGMA will partner with AGS and AIBC for the purpose of bringing the biggest names of several industries.

The SiGMA conference will take place between the 15th and the 19th of November, at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC). And already on the first day, we have one of the biggest events of the entire conference, the Europe Gaming Awards. This is one of the most prestigious rewards in the iGaming industry, and as such it never fails to attract top-tier companies and representatives. In addition, there will also be an art auction, where all the gathered funds will go towards SiGMA’s charity foundation.

Top-Tier Attendees

And this is only the beginning. Due to the fact that this is the first time SiGMA merges 4 shows into one event, you can expect each day to be packed with action. Especially since 47% of the attendees are c-level, i.e. decision-makers. Consequently, making for an excellent opportunity to make new contacts, and strengthen the existing partnerships even further.

As a result, this year’s mega-event will have guests from all over the world, literally. For that matter, SiGMA announces that this year’s conference will host probably the most diverse business to date. This translates to 8 different business sectors, at the same place, and at the same time. This is something that doesn’t happen frequently, and as such it truly represents once a year shot to further expand, or even change the way you do business.

To sum it up, regardless of the magnitude of your brand, attending the 2021 SiGMA Europe Conference in Malta can be a real game-changer. The best part is that you do not need a company to be part of this event. Everyone from freelancers, up to enthusiasts can book a seat at this convention. What better way to have fun, learn and forge business partnerships at the same time, than the biggest iGaming event in 2021?

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