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E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2021 – Call for Papers

e-commerce berlin expo

2021 E-commerce Berlin Expo Call For Papers

On 27th of May 2021 the Berlin E-commerce expo will take place for the sixth time, and once again the leading companies and reps of the industry will gather in one of the biggest events in the world.

The E-commerce Berlin Expo 2021 is one of the biggest E-commerce events in the world, and definitely the biggest one held in Berlin.  The annual event is gathering attention with a fast pace, with each year the attendance only increasing. With over 200 exhibitors, 50 speakers and over 8500 visitors each year,  the numbers speak for themselves. As a result it is the right place to get familiar with all of the professionals, decision-makers, and C-level reps from the key e-commerce businesses in the industry.

The E-commerce Berlin Expo is a unique event in it’s own way, since it is operating in a way that it uses interaction with the community to create the agenda. All of the industry experts are invited to submit a proposal or a presentation on a topic of their choice. Meanwhile, this is encouraged by the EBE organizers, who are constantly on the look out for the latest insights from the industry.

After submitting, the topic selection  is done via a online professional voting process, done by the e-commerce community. Subsequently , a special Advisory Board will review the topics and elect the speakers for the presentation at the Berlin expo 2021.

That is to say, the EBE is a perfect opportunity to increase both your connections and knowledge of the industry.

Participation is free and open for everyone.

One of the biggest pros of the EBE is that the organizers do not care whether you are a small start-up agency or one of the big dogs – the odds are the same for everyone when it comes to winning the CFP contest. Consequently there has been a wide array of participants, ranging from giants like Google and Facebook, up to the smallest start-up businesses.

However, what the organizers do care about is the latest e commerce insights and research, with special emphasis on the German market.

The deadline to submit your application for the CFP contest is from 1st of September until 30th of September.

For all extra information concerning CFP or for proposal submission click on the just click on the link below.

e-commerce Berlin

About EBE 2021

The sixth edition of the EBE 2021 event is held in Berlin, more specifically in the Station Berlin. Starting on 27th of May 2021, it certainly turns Berlin into the epicenter of e commerce for the while, with numbers ranging from 200 speakers and up to 9000 visitors, merging all the newbies and experts from the industry.

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